What to Expect When Traveling to Schaumburg Il

Author: Marveille

If you are thinking of spending a few days away from home and enjoying the scenery of suburban setting, away from the hustles and the bustles of the big city you will certainly want to consider checking out what Schaumburg Il has to offer. A quaint village long the north-west suburbs of the Chicago area, it is one interesting hub for nightlife and shopping that you might find interesting.

The village is mostly known for Woodfield Mall, which makes it one of the premier shopping destinations in its idea for the state. But it is now also home to the second IKEA store in all of Illinois. Needless to say, it is certainly one interesting shopping destination for people that want to get some good finds, especially where home products and fixtures are concerned.

The community used to be made up if mostly German population. However, there has been a significant evolution of the population over the 150 years that has passed since its creation. It is now a diverse community with its population comprised nearly 20% of Asians. This change in the demographics has significantly changed the local economy, injecting more diversity in the process.

These days, there are Thai, Indian, Chinese, and Korean restaurant and stores that are scattered all throughout the village. These changes have significantly contributed towards transforming the village into the biggest shopping area located outside of Chicago.

There are some ways that one can reach the village. It is possible to travel to it through the car. It is possible to hop on a train and get there too. This is through the Metra Rail System. It is possible to get there through riding a bus as well, and there is also an option to get there through the air as it is located only 15 minutes away from the O’Hare International Airport.

When it comes to things that one might be interested in seeing, there is the Nature Preserve at Spring Valley for people that would live to get close to nature. It is a setting that showcases marshes, forests, as well as streams. There are hiking trails that are even made accessible even for the handicapped. Other interesting places worth dropping by are the Trickster Art Gallery, as well as the International Sculpture Park of the Chicago Athenaeum.

There are a ton of things that one can do when visiting the place too. If you love a good laugh then, there is Laugh Out Loud, a comedy theater that is certainly worth a visit along with the Improv Comedy Club of Chicago. There is the discovery center for Legoland too- a perfect place to visit if you have kids towed along with you. If you want to be involved in one fun event, the September Fest is one that you might want to make accommodations reservations for. If you are the sporty type, then you might want to catch a game or two of the Boomers Baseball.

Of course, your stay in the village is not going to be complete until you have gotten some much-needed shopping in. There is, of course, the very famous Woodfield Mall which is synonymous with the village’s name. The Streets of Woodfield are also worth the visit thanks to the collection of upscale stores, restaurants, and other attractions for people that may want to enjoy some touristy activities. Of course, there is also IKEA.

If what you are hoping for is a taste of some outstanding cuisine, the village will not disappoint. It is, after all, home to some national, regional, and local restaurants and restaurant chains that will make your gastronomic adventure well worth it. The place is not only a fun setting to visit, but it offers a wide range of cuisines too at such responsible rates- a very good way to cap your stay.

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